15 Best Travel Strollers in the World Today

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15 Best Travel Strollers in the World Today

Never listen to anyone who says that once you already have a child, you can no longer travel joyously and conveniently. That is not true at all. More and more families seem to do otherwise now that the market has already laid a promising line of best travel stroller for outgoing families and those who want to explore the world with their little loved ones. The ironic part is, traveling with babies is actually easier than you can imagine because aside from the fact that there are already best umbrella stroller for travel available, babies are portable too and easy to carry around. Another fun and amazing truth is that you are doing your children a great favor of discovering the world around them either by traveling for long trips or nature trips or just a simple stroll around the park or a quick trip to the grocery store. In such a way that you are also strengthening the bond between every family member. The benefits are enormously amazing.

Thank goodness, travel strollers are now here to support the fun family activity. There are different types of baby strollers that cater to different family needs. The three common types of strollers are:

Umbrella Stroller

This type of stroller is the most common stroller that we see around the park and stores because it is the most compact stroller of all types. It is lightweight in material, can be easily stowed away and reassembled, it has the upside down J shape handle bar that is comparable to an umbrella handle. Typically, umbrella strollers are more budget-friendly but offers an excellent travel convenience for families.

Jogging Stroller

This type of stroller is obviously for the athletic parents and even for parents who want to keep their shape after giving birth or simply desiring to maintain a good health. It is designed for jogging and it has stronger wheel support system with suspension, bigger wheels, typically has one front swivel wheel, and is great for a brisk walk and a slow run at the park or boulevard.

Double Stroller

This type of stroller is a tandem stroller where you can place two kids in one stroller system. Some designs have a standing edge (stadium style, slightly raised) for the bigger child, and a main full seat for the younger one and some designs have these two full seat either side by side or front-and-back seats. It is also perfect for parents with twins.


Comparison Table

Finding the best travel stroller for your child is a grueling experience with all the options available in the market today. And so we want to help you with you pick only the best among the best travel strollers that would surely fit in your needs as parents, as a family, as explorers. After much extensive research, we came up with our top list amongst umbrella or lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, and double or tandem strollers. Let us take a look at the comprehensive list and reviews below that you surely wouldn’t want to miss when shopping around for the best travel stroller.


Top 7 Umbrella Lightweight Travel Strollers

1. Maclaren Mark II Stroller

Being on top of the list, Maclaren Mark II Stroller is truly the lightest buggy in the world! And not only that the weight (only 7.5 lbs!) is an ingenious creation, the features are also as awesome. It can accommodate a child from 6 months and up with a maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs. The iconic design of Maclaren Mark II stroller was engineered by one of the inventors of advanced strollers, Owen Maclaren. Striking qualities include aircraft-grade aluminum hexagonal tubing, well-designed chassis, nanotech fabrics and antimicrobial handles. Truly an amazing design for an ultralightweight stroller. No wonder it’s best travel stroller in the market today.

Maclaren Mark II Stroller, Midnight Navy

2. Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Travel Stroller

Another lightweight material of only 14 lbs yet has a solid construction that can carry a child of up to 50 lbs. Striking qualities include the SPF 45+ canopy, its compatibility with a lot of car seat brands such as Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Chicco KeyFit 30, Britax Chaperone, Graco SnugRide Classic Connect, Combi Shuttle, and more. It is an ultra-compact fold stroller that you can conveniently carry around the town or any place else. Plus, it has an all-wheel suspension that glides smoothly especially in urban sidewalks. You would be surprised to know that the materials of this stroller are not just sturdy but also eco-responsible. It is made of 50% recycled plastic (PET) exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal fiber for its interior fabric. Despite the light feel, it is very similar to an actual heavyweight stroller in terms of its features.

Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Stroller, Jet Black

3. Baby Cargo Series 300 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Made of 100% polyester, Baby Cargo Series 300 Lightweight Umbrella stroller is another hip in the baby product market. It is loaded with awesome features that every parent would wish to have as they travel around such as the reversible seat cover that is machine wash-ready, super smart phone pocket for parents, all-wheel suspension that contributes to its smoother glide for your baby’s comfort and glorious ride, adjustable 5-point harness for your child’s utmost security, and a huge canopy that is expandable to keep your baby protected from UV rays.


4. Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller

Traveling with a baby has never been a breeze without a reliable, high-quality umbrella stroller. Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller is another famous brand in the market of lightweight strollers. It offers great features and a sturdy frame that provide a seamless transition from automobiles to adventures. If you look at Chicco Liteway Plus stroller, the first thing that you will notice is the elegant and modern aesthetics of the product. It looks really good on the outside and has the same beauty when it comes to its overall features.


5. 2014 Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Most reviews positively cited the innovative one-hand fold of this 2014 Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller. It is compatible with all Graco car seat connects, can accommodate up to 50 lbs, it has an extra-large canopy with a high UV protection of SPF 50, automatically locks without much trouble, has a carry strap for easier transportation, adjustable calf support for your baby’s comfort, front swivel wheels and all-wheel suspension for a smoother glide, and an extra-large storage basket underneath. One of the most bought in the market today.

2014 Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Chili Red

6. Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller

Talk about boundless freedom, Peg Perego Pliko Mini stroller offers that to adventurous parents. The high star rating of this lightweight stroller says a lot about its excellent features including its one-hand fold mechanic, three-recline seat positions and leg rest, adjustable handle to cater to the parent’s height, wheels and suspension, and a huge storage underneath the seat perfect for baby items.


7. Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Another popular brand item amongst the best travel strollers in the market today. Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience stroller has everything that both babies and parents need to travel light yet stuffed. Reasonable price with high-class quality features. It is designed specifically for traveling and easy transport. Awesome features include a roomy basket, front wheel suspension for better maneuverability that most parents love about Summer Infant strollers, carry strap, easy fold scheme, nice size canopy enough to protect your baby’s delicate skin from UV rays with a sunvisor, tall handle bars, and the most sought after 5-point harness system for security.


Top 3 Jogging Strollers

1. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

Out of 869 number of reviews from real users of Bob Revolution SE Single stroller, it gained a towering and unbeatable 5 star rating! That alone is a proof that this jogging stroller is truly one of a kind, worth your money, and is the best travel stroller for athletic parents. It is easy to maneuver, has an easy to fold frame, multiple storage options, has state of the art wheel suspension for a smoother ride for your baby and smoother push for the parents, sturdy and huge wheels to support well the pace of the jog or brisk motion, weighs only 25 lbs which is already a nice figure for a jogger. Needless to say, it is loved by most moms and dads.


2. 2014 Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Click Connect Stroller

Looking for long years of comfortable strolling? Go for 2014 Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Click Connect and by the name itself you know that it is an all-in-one equipment.


3. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Another award-winning stroller that most parents love. That’s no doubt. With Baby Jogger’s continuous innovation, getting around your child is now easier than ever before. For the name of urban mobility, practical design, and utmost functionality, City Mini stroller from Baby Jogger is a must-have. Amazing fold system, easier as it sounds, autolock and storage-ready. Seat reclines in an almost flat position, has a UV 50+ Sun Canopy, 8 inch wheels with front wheel suspension, and aesthetically looks really nice.


Top 4 Double/Tandem Strollers

1. Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat is an all in one kind of stroller. Whether you are looking for a pram, a travel system, or a jogger, or a double jogger stroller, you got it in Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat. With just a few simple clicks, you are ready to travel conveniently with a kid or two or do your most awaited body-shaping exercise as you jog around your beautiful town. The second seat has mounting brackets that you can surely rely on for safety. With its eight available colors, you can freely choose your pick. It is one of the most high-rated, versatile double strollers in the world today.


2. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller has a quick-fold design, lightweight aluminum frame, 5-point harness, head pad with reflective binding, height adjustable handle, infinite seat recline position for your kid’s convenience, and also serves as an all around travel system. Extra large canopies are really awesome aesthetically and practically. Its all-wheel suspension will offer your baby a smoother ride.


3. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Classic Click Connect stroller is made of polyester, plastic, and metal. It suits one toddler and a baby or even two toddlers are the same time. It’s a stadium style seating double stroller, folds easily in standing position, has two reclining seats with individual canopies, can hold up to 40 pounds each seat, extra-large storage baskets, and parent and child trays. Surely a comfy ride for a bigger number of family members!


4. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

It aesthetically looks different than the typical double stroller type. This one allows for one toddler and a baby where the bigger child can stand on the patended rear platform and/or seat, and the little child stay in the full padded seat. For a tandem stroller, Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller is a little lightweight amongst the other double strollers for it only has a weight of 27.9 lbs. Plus, most parents who reviewed the product say that it is worth their money because it is not just durable, it is highly functional.


Benefits of Using a Baby Stroller Especially When Traveling With Kids

There are several reasons a baby stroller has been created for public use – for travel purposes – for family escapades. Traveling with kids can be hassle-free for some, but it isn’t for smart parents who know well the value of tagging their kids along in their fun-filled, experience-packed excursions, and they too know well the value of strong family bonds. They are the smart parents who are using the advancement of technology to make our lives easier – best umbrella stroller for travel.

Here are the several advantages of using the best travel stroller for your getaway.

You can easily restrain your kids

Not only it gives you ease in restraining your finicky children in an enjoyable and comfy ride, you is also the safest way to travel with kids. Best travel strollers are designed to secure your child as most of them have 5-point harness system that tucks them in safely.

Best-Travel-Stroller-easily restrain-your-kids
You surely get the value of your money

Having a baby is an expensive trail so you also need to make sure that you are stretching your money the right way. Best travel strollers come in very handy, and is now becoming more and more of a family necessity, because carrying your baby with your bare hands and arms can cause a body stress on your part as a parent. But, when you have the right equipment, along with the right caring habits for your growing children, you invest on their experiences too as little kids while doing your parental spirit a huge favor.

You no longer need to leave your children to daycare centers

Probably, the quickest and most trouble-free option would be to just leave your kids in their grandma’s house or to someone you barely know in exchange of a dollar amount to watch over your child while you travel. It’s no longer a caring option today. Travel strollers changed the game. Little bodies and little curious minds can now travel along with you using an ultralightweight stroller.

You are offering a better life for your growing kids

Children are curious cats especially at an early age. As they grow, they become more and more interested in the things and events or people surrounding them. The more they become interested in these things, the more you need to satiate their awareness. By tagging them along through a travel stroller, you sure provide them the ability to discover more, learn more, and experience the beauty of the world. Positively, that contributes a lot to kids’ improved intelligence quotients.

Your child will feel more safe outside

Kids are very anxious about the outside world in the same manner that they are also so much into it they want to unearth every single detail to learn more. Great thing strollers allow babies to see you even if you are outside which only means that they feel more safe and sound that you are there to push them to the wonders of the world. The connection that traveling with your kids creates is an awesome way to fortify parent-child relationships.

You are strengthening your body

Parents need their healthy bodies the most so they are able to fruitfully take care of the little bodies. Pushing your baby in a stroller while strolling around the park or to whatever short or long trip destinations you intend to go, you are exercising at the same time. Either you have a lightweight umbrella for a simple walk outside the house early in the morning, or you have a jogging stroller (or double jogger) that allows you to brisk walk or run around at a reasonable pace. It improves your immune system in the same manner that it improves your child’s development and it also reduces the risk of heart attack and the likes. Another positive result is, strolling around with your kids while keeping your shape contributes to your inner happiness. You may not notice it, but you’ll feel better inside and out.

You offer them sun protection as they roam around

Getting umbrella strollers, or a jogger with a big canopy, or whatever stroller type there is, all of them have UV+ canopies to protect your children from the damaging heat of the sun. Sun is good, but anything in excess is bad. Strollers offer that caring protection too for your baby’s delicate skin.

You are bringing your kids closer to each other

Siblings is love, but not when they are not connected to each other – in blood, yes, but if they are not in sync with each other in daily activities or that so-called “psychological bond”, they are more likely to always fight. But, if you get a double or tandem stroller for your two toddlers or maybe twins, and always go for a walk outside or visit the zoo or any activity that both may enjoy, rest assured that these siblings will be more connected to each other. You are also cutting the parental stress on your end.


How to Choose the Best Travel Stroller

There is a lot to consider when you are buying a baby item – because you only want what’s best for them. The hassle never goes out of the way that easy. And so, we want to help ease the pain on your end.

Here are the list of considerations you need to look into to choosing the best travel stroller for your loved little ones as you shop around.

1. Wheel size

Wheel-sizeThey matter a lot especially when you are an athletic parent who is after a brisk walk at the boulevard or a slow jog around the town with your kids. Joggers are usually designed with big wheels that well support the maneuverability of the stroller. Wheel size and type matters a lot in any stroller type and what more for a jogging stroller like this that carries two kids in one fold. If you want to trek a rougher terrain, then you need bigger wheels like a 20-inch wheel. Smaller wheels can work on smooth surfaces.

2. Washable fabric and items

Dirt is good at times for kids, but it is also the best enemy. If you do not want your child to catch unwanted viruses, make sure that you also look for a stroller with fabric materials that are easy to remove, clean and wash because as you travel around, you will never know what kind of dirt accumulates in the stroller where your baby stays. Cleanliness is always the number one priority for babies to stay safe and healthy – and not just the harness alone.

3. Adjustable, reclining seats

There are other strollers that do not offer a comfortable recline in their full seats. You need to consider this a lot because if your child feels inconvenient in the position of the seat, he or she will more likely to jump out, panic, or throw you a stressful tantrum. That’s a tragic story, really. So, consider if the seat reclines well at the back especially that traveling can be really tiring even for kids. Some strollers offer a convenient full flat recline for sleeping babies. Check on that too.

4. Canopy

How huge is the canopy? Is it enough to protect your child from UV rays that can badly harm a child’s delicate skin? Make sure to consider the size of the canopy and its other special features like the percentage of their UV protection.


5. 5-point harness

On our fifth category, you also need a five! Yes, a 5-point harness for your child’s ensured security. You may want to consider a stroller with a padded cover for the harness lock so you could avoid the accidental release button pushing.


6. Weight

Is it lightweight and travel-friendly to carry around? That’s the most important part when you look for a travel buddy – the weight of the stroller. Depending on your needs, always check the weight and its capacity. Don’t forget though that there are also different types of strollers varying from one weight to another. Even if the other one may be lighter, if it doesn’t suit your travel needs, you need to move on to another option.

7. Storage

Is there enough storage space? It may be a tiny consideration, but it does matter too especially if you need to bring your kids’ items without carrying another hassle on your back as you push around. Best travel strollers have huge baskets underneath the seat where you can conveniently place your baby’s feeding bottles, diapers, wipes, and other essentials. Plus, there usually are also trays for parents and children and there usually is a cup holder or a tiny zipper pocket at the canopy where you can put your on-the-go items such as your car keys, cash, or Smartphones. Just make sure you don’t leave that side unattended, especially your baby.


8. Price

While we get easily attracted to low price, you must not solely rely on it when buying a baby stroller. You need to consider if the features that you need are there. You have to set aside the price and look after the real value of your money. Are you paying less and getting less? Are you paying a little more, but getting more? That makes a lot of sense in every buying decision.

9. Open and Fold Dimensions

Check the product dimensions. Most customers usually forget about this detail, but it is essential for easy storage and assembly of the product. It is also a benefit if you can easily just stow away the jogging stroller in the trunk. One important factor is the size so that you can conveniently bring your kids along wherever you want to jog location wise.


Instructions For Use

  1. Never leave your kids unattended, especially when trying to climb in and out of the travel stroller.
  2. Make sure your baby’s head and neck are already stable. It may cause serious harm on your child if you run with a fragile baby that doesn’t know how to support his own head yet.
  3. Lock the front wheel all the time to prevent a stroller from veering off accidentally that may cause you to crash and your baby to fall.
  4. Ensure that your child is strapped in securely in the harness to prevent the baby from slipping away while you are running. The possibilities are really bad for this incident so make sure it is well-strapped and locked and padded.
  5. Schedule your stroll wisely to respect your children’s little bodies if they need to sleep, take a nap, or get their vitamins and medicines.
  6. Never release the stroller with your kids in it hands-free! Make sure that you are holding the handlebars all the time when it is in action.
  7. Do not run too fast. As a parent, you would easily know if your kids are and aren’t comfortable on a certain thing. If you run too fast, they may freak out and find a way to climb out of the stroller which can be a really bad thing if that happens.
  8. For double strollers, control your stroller well even if you are already getting the momentum of your running. Never forget that you have two fragile bodies relying on you.
  9. When using a jogging stroller especially the double joggers, break at mid-run and let the kids play. As much as possible, allow the kids to have some fun too while you are doing your fitness routine. Bring some toys along in the under seat basket and pause at mid-run to give them time to play.
  10. Always check the warranty service of the manufacturer before you pay a purchase.
  11. Never bring your kids up and down the stairs with them in it. Make sure you remove them first and then disassemble the stroller or if that sounds like a hassle for you, then look for an elevator. Safety first all the time.


The best umbrella stroller for travel is not just a luxury, but a necessity for active families. Buying or even at the expense of choosing the best travel stroller alone is already a crucial effort, but believe us, it is always worth it to read reviews and learn about the product first before you place your money. Matter of fact, there are a lot of things to consider when buying your perfect travel stroller – wheel type and size, easy to fold mechanism, portability, weight, weight capacity, aesthetics, reclining seat, maneuverability, footrest and leg support, security harness system type, child’s tray, handlebars, bassinet attachments, brakes, and a whole lot more. The gaggle of options may be overwhelming but we already laid all the special cards on the table for you to easily pick your choice. Now that we have already mentioned in nitty gritty details the things that you must consider when choosing your stroller, now, we are confident that you will make a really smart decision to buying the best travel stroller for your children upon reading the entire review piece. Above all, security, the rest are excellent bonuses such as the price and aesthetics. Good luck and happy strolling!

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